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Four Signs That Might Indicate Problems with Your Pipes

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pipes Discovering that you may have a problem with your sewer can be pretty frustrating due to the lengthy process required by normal sewer line repair. However, not catching backups or cracks in the pipes can lead to even worse consequences, such as serious water damage done to a home.

But how can you know if you may have some problems before they’re right in your face? Here are a few signs that might indicate something is wrong:

  1. Mold: If left unchecked, the humidity from water damage can lead to mold. If you notice any dark discoloration of walls, ceilings, or floors, there’s a reasonable chance that mold is beginning to grow. This can also be accompanied by a musty smell, and in extreme cases, especially those with asthma, even trouble breathing.

  2. Backups: Every toilet will clog and refuse to flush from time to time, but if you notice it begins to happen more frequently there may be an underlying problem. A serious backup will usually occur in the lowest drain, which could mean sewage backing up through your shower drain. Seems a bit counter-productive to cleanliness.

  3. Strong odors: While the smell of mold should always be of concern, there is plenty of other material in sewers that puts off a ripe smell. Most people are not a stranger to the smell of sewage so at least recognizing it won’t be difficult. Sewage pipes are designed to be airtight, so if you ever get a hint of that tell-tale smell, it’s worth getting your pipes checked out.

  4. Grass overgrowth: This may seem counter-intuitive, but sewage can actually act as powerful fertilizer. If you notice extra green and lush patches of grass around your yard, it very well could mean a sewer pipe in the close vicinity is leaking.

Problems with sewers can manifest from all kinds of issues. First off, if your sewers are around 40 years old, they probably need replacing anyway. But even at a young age, tree roots are notorious for breaking sewer lines due to their ability to grow 12 to 36 inches below the surface, as well as extending horizontally as much as two to three times the diameter of the tree’s canopy.

These indicators are relatively noticeable, so if on the lookout you should have no problem discovering any leaks or backups in need of sewer repair and hiring one of the 104,852 plumbing and sewage companies in the U.S. before they become too serious. Otherwise you may be wearing nose plugs in your own house.

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