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Getting the Right Sewer Lining Tools for the Right Job

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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Have you had a lot of customers come to you about plumbing problems who are experiencing cracks and corrosion in their pipes? A great solution for this is sewer lining. However, you might not have the tools or equipment for this job, and you’re losing business. Not to worry, there’s a company that can provide you with what you need. Contact TRIC Tools for your tool and equipment needs.

Exactly what tools do I need for sewer lining?

Sewer lining relies upon the placement of an inflatable resin inside pipes. Common tools used to perform these repairs and replacements are the pulling unit, wire rope, fusion machine, extraction cage, 200’ duct rod with cable carriers, 4” bursting head, 6” bursting head, hydraulic hose, and hydraulic power supply.

What does all this mean? Well, a pulling unit helps you to pull the resin through. Wire rope is used to secure things. A fusion machine bonds the resin to the inside of the pipe. The extraction cage is mostly used for capturing waste and other clogs. The bursting heads are used to open up and expose cracked or broken pipes. The hydraulic hose and power supply are used for inserting and pulling through the resin piping.

With TRIC Tools, you can easily find and purchase what you need for an affordable price. If you have a sudden influx of customers and need more equipment, it’s easy to reorder what has worked for you in the past.

If you’re confused about something, including equipment or where your package is, simply call our office. Someone is always available to take your call and help you find what you need. We are eager to please and we work together with our clients. Clients just like you. Trying to fix piping for your clients. The growth of TRIC’s company means the growth of yours, and don’t you love that?

Why TRIC Tools?

We sell five pulling unit systems; X20, M100, M50, and X30 are our top sellers. Don’t fear; we offer hydraulic pumps as well. Hi-Flow 13, Hi-Flow 21, Hi-Flow 36, PowerTeam 1.25, and PowerTeam 5.5 are the pumps we offer.

We aren’t just about the equipment, though. We invented and marketed the first practical sewer lateral pipe-bursting system, establishing the seeds for trenchless sewer replacement in America.

We work hard to promote and work for a future with the most efficient, economical, and timely replacement of damaged underground pipelines locally, nationally, and globally. We’re eager to provide you the machinery you need because we believe in preserving the planet, meaning replacing bad pipes before they explode and wastewater gets spilled underground, causing problems.

All of our technicians are easily reached, respond quickly, and have great ratings. We make the process as simple as possible; so much so that we have several return customers. Some employees of our company are multi-lingual, aiding in the process of easing and aiding customers.

TRIC Tools works hard to make it easy for you to get what you need. Who doesn’t love that? Call us for your readily available, easily affordable sewer lining equipment and tools today.

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