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How to Find the Best Pipe Bursting Equipment for Your Company

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Innovative pipe bursting methods can save you and your customers time and money. Whether you’re new to pipe bursting or simply want to invest in high quality equipment, TRIC Tools can help. Our professional-grade equipment and helpful staff will help you elevate your trenchless pipe bursting services to the next level.

What pipe bursting equipment is needed?

Having the proper, reliable pipe bursting equipment will help you work efficiently, but it is important to remember the essential parts of the equipment and what TRIC Tools can provide you with.

Your equipment should include:

Pulling machine and rods, which guide the new pipe into place as the damaged pipe is destroyed

Expander heads, also called bursting heads, which actually move through the existing pipe to break it apart

Hydraulic pumps, whose power helps drive the entire pipe bursting process In addition to the pipe bursting equipment, trenchless repairs also require cameras or other equipment to identify problem areas. Additionally, a hydro jetting device can be utilized to clear obstructions near the impacted area.

Purchasing High-Quality Pipe Bursting Equipment

You want consistent, high quality equipment for pipe bursting. It is important to invest in equipment that is strong, powerful, and gets the job done in the most effective way possible. Conducting research to choose a reputable retailer who has your best interest at heart is the most beneficial choice you can make for your company. It can be overwhelming to research and buy parts from different retailers, including websites selling used equipment, but you will never regret purchasing new equipment that you can rely on to keep your business running. Buying all of your pipe bursting equipment from the same retailer will ensure that all of the components work well together, and you get the best value for what you are paying.

At TRIC Tools, we understand that your equipment needs will vary based on the jobs you perform. Residential, commercial, and municipal jobs will require different equipment, and you want to work with a retailer who can recommend exactly what you need so your pipe bursting equipment lasts for years to come.

Pipe Bursting Equipment with TRIC Tools

At TRIC Tools located in Alameda, California, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, professional-grade gear. It is field-tested and backed by our customer support and training. With our products, you can rest assured knowing that our superior equipment will get the job done right and your customers will be satisfied. If you still have question, do not hesitate to give us a call today to learn more about how our pipe bursting equipment can benefit you.

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