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How to Tell When You Need a New Pulling Unit

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One of the most essential pieces of pipe bursting is the pulling unit. Without this critical equipment, advanced pipe bursting technology would not be possible. The pulling unit allows trenchless pipe repair professionals to replace pipes two to six inches in diameter with up to three 45-degree corners. When this equipment begins to age and fail, it should be replaced as soon as possible, as business can’t go on without it.

What is a Pulling Unit?

The pulling unit involved in pipe bursting is arguably the most important element in trenchless pipe replacement.

The pulling unit can:
* Burst through any piping material sized two to six inches
* Allow your repair team to replace broken or cracked pipes with long-lasting pipes
* Create 30 tons of lateral pulling force
* Incorporate a circular cutting saw
* Be controlled by a 25-foot long remote control
* Be operated off power from a mini excavator, backhoe auxiliary hydraulic system, or skid steer

The pulling unit is made from quality anodized aluminum that supports a long lifespan. While most pulling systems last for decades, there are signs that can indicate you need a new pulling unit.

Signs A New Pulling Unit Is Needed

When the pulling system of a pipe bursting operation begins to fade, the work is compromised. The pulling system may need to be replaced if the unit is no longer capable of pulling the bursting head through the broken or collapsed pipe, the unit you have isn’t powerful enough for your workload (municipalities, businesses, and industrial areas), or technology advances beyond your current unit.

Maintaining the proper power throughout a pipe bursting job is essential to your success and work quality. As tools begin to advance and new technologies are used, you’ll need to replace your pulling system to ensure you’re offering the most up-to-date solutions to each customer.

TRIC Tools pulling units are designed for small and large jobs, with different unit designs so you can fit the necessary equipment into any work space. The Hydraulic Pump and Puller (Ram) Matrix offers guidance for which design is best or your job.

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