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Pipe Bursting Equipment Manufacturer When sewer inspection and maintenance lead to sewer repair or replacement, there are a few key things a homeowner needs to know. While the sewer contractor is of prime importance, the equipment and methods the contractor uses are also critical to the overall outcome of the job. When all established methods of sewer lateral rehabilitation are on the table—open-cut excavation, CIPP lining, and pipe bursting—more residential sewers are brought up to code by pipe bursting than by any other method. However, it is also important to recognize things like production rates and environmental responsibility, especially when it comes to deciding on individual equipment that will be used for the operation.


When it comes to trenchless sewer repair or replacement, very often the most efficient, economical, and permanent solution is pipe bursting. In fact, since TRIC introduced trenchless home sewer replacement in America, pipe bursting has become the method of choice for replacing residential sewer laterals. For decades now, many municipalities have employed pipe bursting to replace larger public sewer and drain lines. Pipe bursting is also emerging as a viable option to replace old leaking water and gas utility lines, both residential and municipal. Pipe bursting has become a popular method of updating underground infrastructure because it is relatively non-invasive, and in most cases saves greatly on time, labor, and materials.

Production Rates

Of course, it is important to consider production rates associated with any pipe bursting equipment. Some equipment is simply manufactured to a higher standard. This in turn can have a dramatic impact on the overall performance of the equipment. More often than not, the production rate of the equipment has a dramatic impact on the overall quality of the job as a whole. The better the equipment, the higher the production rates and the less time it takes to complete a job without cutting corners. That is why it is important that anyone who makes their living as a sewer contractor or is involved with any form of trenchless repair carefully consider the production rates and overall quality of any equipment before they purchase it.

Environmental Responsibility

It should go without saying that environmental responsibility is easily one of the most importantthings that any contractor should be thinking about these days. However, there are still a lot of construction practices that seems to do more harm than good when it comes to protecting the environment. Fortunately, pipe bursting does not fall into that category. In fact, it is one of the most environmentally responsible ways that old infrastructure can be disposed of in order to make way for new systems. This is because less excavation is required when using this method. Therefore, less earth is disrupted, making the entire process more environmentally responsible.


The main reason that pipe bursting is so popular is because it can be done quickly, accurately and with a minimum amount of interruption. Because of all the benefits of this particular method, pipe bursting has easily become a mainstay for those who do this type of work. It all begins by choosing the right equipment and then using one’s skill to complete the job quickly and accurately.

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