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Pipe Bursting Equipment

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Pipe bursting is a pipe replacement method that allows the new pipe to remain the same diameter as the old pipe. Other methods include digging up the entire length of the old pipe at great expense or inserting a sleeve that decreases the dimension of the pipe. The pipe bursting method pulls the new pipe through the old one, bursting and replacing, maintaining the same diameter size. At TRIC Tools Inc., we are pleased to offer the best equipment in the industry for companies so that they can offer these services to their customers.

The equipment that is needed for replacing a pipeline with the pipe bursting method consists of a hydraulic pump, a pulling machine, a cable, and a mole. The mole is a torpedo-shaped bursting head that attaches to the front of the incoming new pipe. There are multiple moles to choose from, some supporting a tight entryway, some with blades. The purpose of the mole is to burst and break up the original pipe, allowing the new pipe to take its place. The cable runs from the mole at the start of the new pipe to the pulling machine at the other end of the line. The pulling machine has rods that lift up and down, pulling the cable as they lift, sliding down the retrieved cable as they drop before reengaging to pull another length of the cable, and hence the pipe, through the old pipe’s location. The rods gain the pressure to rise and drop from the hydraulic pump.

TRIC Tools Inc. has developed a line of hydraulic pumps specifically to support our pulling machines. Five options are available; the Hi-Flow 13, the Hi-Flow 21, the Hi-Flow 36, the PowerTeam 1.25, and the PowerTeam 5.5.

The TRIC Hi-Flow 13 pump is the ideal companion to our X30 puller, which bursts pipes up to 6” in diameter. This pump delivers up to four times the speed of other comparable pumps. The TRIC Hi-Flow 21 is a workhorse. It can be adjusted to run our larger M50 pulling machine. The TRIC Hi-Flow 36 is engineered for municipal work. This pump can be matched with our heavy-duty M50 and M100 pulling machines.

The TRIC PowerTeam 1.25 is very compact and strong. Its gross weight is 90 pounds as compared to the other pumps, which weigh from 280 to 1200 pounds. It is best matched with our small pullers. The TRIC PowerTeam 5.5 is chosen most by our customers. Gross weight is 260 pounds, and its pump performance specs are: 2.0 GPM 0–1,000 PSI; 1.1 GPM 1,000–4,000 PSI; 0.41 GPM 4,000–8,000 PSI.

TRIC Tools Inc. has also developed a line of pulling machines. Five options are available; the X20 System, the V24 System, the X30 System, the M50 System, and the M100 System. The X20 is the smallest and lightest of the X-Series pullers. Its pulling force is 20 tons at 9600 PSI and it weighs 60 pounds. It uses a maximum of ¾” (19mm) sized swaged cable. It is designed to replace 4” lateral pipes.

The V24 System is an upgraded version of the original TRIC pulling system that pioneered the Pipe Bursting method in 1997. The V24 System is quick and easy. It weighs 230 pounds and has a pulling force of 24 tons at 2500 PSI. It uses a maximum ¾” (19mm) swaged cable. The X30 System weighs 85 pounds and is designed to replace pipes up to 6” in diameter. It uses a maximum of ¾” (19mm) sized swaged cable. It has a pulling force of 29.5 tons at 6000 PSI.

The M50 System is designed for municipal work. It can fit into tight spots and weighs 185 pounds. It is designed to replace up to 8” main line pipes. It uses a maximum of 7/8” (22mm) swaged cable. It has a pulling force of 48 tons at 5,000 PSI.

The M100 System weighs 380 pounds and is powerful within a small footprint. Customers find it very useful when ground conditions are less than desirable or access is limited. It is designed to replace 8” to 12” municipal sewers as well as other drains and utility lines. It uses three swaged cable sizes; 1” (25mm), 1.125” (28mm), and 1.25” (32mm). It has a pulling force of 98 tons at 5,000 PSI.

Along with being a supplier of pipe bursting equipment, at TRIC Tools Inc., we strive to support businesses in their endeavors, assisting them in choosing the correct equipment for their line of work as well as providing technical support and training. We also offer consultations to help determine your needs, and once the decision has been made, we even assist with financing. After your purchase, we are available for technical support. You can schedule a day for one-on-one training on the operation and maintenance of your equipment.

At TRIC Tools Inc., aim to help you be as productive and efficient as possible with your new hardware. For more information, click here to contact us or send us a call, and we look forward to working with you.

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