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Pipe Bursting Rods, Pullers, & Other Equipment that We Offer, and How Our Equipment Helps Plumbing Companies

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At TRIC Tools, we know just how much equipment means to pipeline and sewer system technicians. With worn, broken, or outdated equipment, what is normally a 40-minute job can take hours to complete, leaving you and customers frustrated. Luckily, we craft and carry state-of-the-art equipment meant to get you in and out of homes and onto the next job as efficiently as possible. Three generations of family craftsmanship is what has made powerful and durable equipment that is cost-effective.

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The Equipment We Provide

At TRIC Tools, we offer various types of plumbing equipment to ensure that plumbing and contracting companies across the country can service their customers effectively. Some important equipment that we carry includes:

  • Pulling units
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Bursting heads
  • Fusion equipment
  • Plumbing accessories

Pulling Units

Busting pipes without the right equipment can result in hard, messy work that isn’t satisfactory for home and business owners. At TRIC Tools, we have state-of-the-art pulling units to help you get the job done. Our X30 is the perfect package when bursting pipes up to 6-inches in diameter. Due to our new, patented technology, it is the most durable and reliable design yet. We kept in mind that technicians want to handle equipment as smoothly as possible, and designed it so that it requires minimum maintenance.

TRIC Tools know contractors in town or city areas don’t have time to waste on their jobs. The TRIC M50 was made with the knowledge that tight spots or cross sections are a pain to deal with, especially if you cannot fit your equipment into those enclosures. We redesigned the M50 to be able to fill those needs, as well as being compact enough to set up by hand. This system can burst 8-inch main lines, and can be used with a backhoe or our high-flow hydraulic pump systems.

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Hydraulic Systems

If you are working with difficult ground conditions or limited access, our M100 is the perfect fit for you. We designed the M100 to burst 8 to 12-inch urban sewers and other tough lines and drains, and that is exactly what it does. It can be powered by a backhoe if needed, or by our Hi-Flow systems. It gets the job done in any situation.

Not only do we carry pulling equipment but we also carry our own line of hydraulic pumps made with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Technicians can choose between 5 different sets depending on the level and difficulty of the job in mind. These systems include:

  • Hi-Flow 13 System
    This system is particularly effective for residential pipe bursting work, and the equipment is specialized to be convenient to use.
  • Hi-Flow 21 System
    This system delivers flow and pressure that is among the best and most powerful in the industry.
  • Hi-Flow 36 System
    This Hi-Flow system is ideal for conducting work in municipal buildings that is required to be finished quickly.
  • Power-Team 1.2
    This equipment is compact and ideal for completing jobs at a fast, reliable rate.
  • Power-Team 5.5
    This equipment serves as the perfect combination of conducting work at a speedy and efficient rate.

At TRIC Tools, our hydraulic systems flush out the competition with designs that can help you with small residential jobs to high-powered municipal work and everything in between. We geared all of our systems to work with power and pressure in mind with easy set up to have you in and out as fast as possible.

Bursting Heads

Bursting heads are a must in the plumbing business. Our 5 custom sets reinforce the importance of quality equipment that lasts. A broken bursting head can be an enormous issue, and so we built these to last. Our TRIC Lock technology does away with fusing your bursting heads to the pipe and allows for easy manipulation.

  • 4-Inch Standard
    This bursting head is fused and handles in tight situations easily.
  • 6-Inch Standard
    Also fused, the 6-inch standard is easy to use and navigate through tight spaces.
  • 8-Inch Standard
    The largest of the standard sizes, this equipment is designed to be user-friendly.
  • 4-Inch TRIC Lock-Head
    This TRIC Lock-head doesn’t require a PE cap or fusion to the new pipe.
  • 6-Inch TRIC Lock-Head
    Much like its 4-inch counterpart, this equipment requires no PE cap or fusion to the new pipe.

All of this equipment is not only readily available to contractors that need it but we also offer training sessions to help newcomers understand how to use it effectively and when to best deploy it.

Fusion Equipment

Fusion equipment is another serious consideration for plumbing technicians everywhere. Our 3 separate designs are for anything from small to large jobs and offer durable and long-term service.

  • 14M Butt Fusion Machine
    This system is designed to apply centerline fusion force for maximum efficiency. It can be placed on a cart either in front of or beside a pipeline, and can be manually operated should you work in a hazardous environment. It also can be unplugged and taken into the ditch to effect the fusion if needed and heated to the correct temperature.
  • 28 CQ Butt Fusion Machine
    This machine is designed for tight fitting spaces. Be it in the ditch or wherever there is a very tight spot to navigate, the 28 CQ Machine is the perfect solution. It is user-friendly and easy to handle as well as quiet and durable, making it an optimal choice for anyone with a big job in a small space.
  • PitBill 26 Fusion Machine
    Designed to butt fuse polyethylene pipes as well as tees, ells and other fittings using 2 inches per second to 6-inch inches per second, this heavy duty machine is your perfect solution. It can be used to fuse other thermoplastic materials, but be sure to read the manual to ensure it is properly and safely done.

Sewer and Pipe Repair Accessories

Lastly, we also design and carry accessories for the odd need to help you. Technicians can choose between our 4 accessories depending on what is needed to successfully complete their work.

  • 10K Gauge
  • 3/4″ Compact Swaged Cable
  • 3/8″ Steel Cable
  • Duct Rodder

Call TRIC Tools For The Best Tools In The Industry

Our technology has saved many contractors, utilities, and technicians when their old systems were falling apart or just not doing the job. At TRIC Tools we genuinely work hard to ensure safety and simplicity of equipment that is built to last, saving time and money in the process. Our 3 generations of hard work have been to ensure you and your company get the right tools and advice for any situation. If you have any questions, feel free to call at 510-865-8742 and change your business for the better.

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