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Pipe Bursting Supplies

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At TRIC Tools, we offer some of the most advanced pipe bursting equipment in the industry.

The equipment needed for this process includes a hydraulic pump, a pulling machine, a cable, and a mole. The mole is a torpedo-shaped bursting head that attaches to the front of the incoming, new pipe. We have multiple selections of moles to choose from, some of which support tight entryways, and others with blades. The purpose of the mole is to burst and break up the original pipe, allowing the new pipe to take its place. The cable is used to pull the mole and the attached new pipe through the old pipeline until it reaches the pulling machine at the other end. Each pulling machine has different cable requirements, and ensuring that our customers have a wide variety to choose from is important.

At TRIC Tools, we are a supplier of six-mole types, the 2 Inch Standard, the 3 Inch Articulating, the 4 Inch Standard, the 6 Inch Standard, the 6 Inch TRIC-Lock  (TL), and the 8 Inch Standard. The 2 Inch Standard and the 3 Inch Articulating Moles are pulled by a 5/8” cable with a 1-1/8” x 7 TPI stud termination. The Moles thread on clockwise, and require a minimum of 2” to 3” (50 to 75 mm) engagement.

The 4 Inch Standard Mole is pulled by a 3/4”, or 5/8” cable, with an open shackle termination. The Mole is socketed to the cable with a shackle-pin, supporting close quarters situations. The 6 Inch Standard is also hinged to the cable with an open shackle termination. This Mole is pulled by a 3/4” cable. The 6 Inch (TL) Mole is set directly into the open end of 6-inch SDR17 pipe and is pulled by a 3/4” cable, again with an open shackle termination and a single blade. The 8 Inch Standard Mole is pulled by a 7/8”, 1”, 1.125”, or 1.25” swaged cable with a 2” x 4.5 TPI stud termination. This Mole has three removable, staggered blades.

In addition, our stock includes 3/4” swaged and 3/8” steel cable that runs from the mole at the start of the new pipe, through the original pipe, to the pulling machine at the other end of the line. Another accessory that we supply is a Duct Rodder which is used to pull the cable through the original pipe at the start of the pipe bursting process. All of these accessories allow the process to go more smoothly.

Please contact us on our website today if you would like assistance matching Moles and cable types to the pulling machine of your choice. Our team wants to help you connect your job needs with the most capable equipment. We aim to help you be as productive and efficient as possible with your new hardware. Along with purchase decision consultations, and financing support, we are also happy to schedule a day for one-on-one training on the operation and maintenance of your equipment.

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