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Why Pipe Bursting is Today’s Preferred Commercial Sewer Repair Method

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Difficult sewer repair work can be very disruptive for business owners. Not only that, sewer line projects eat away at your productive time and the unnecessary, extensive costs can balloon very quickly. All of these issues can be avoided if you opt in for the appropriate trenchless sewer repair.

Before, your only hope of repairing that broken sewer line was to use traditional methods. Thanks to trenchless technology and effective pipe bursting methods, you can now choose pipe bursting as the better alternative. At the heart of modern sewer line repair and replacement is pipe bursting. What is it and how does it work? You’ll see why pipe bursting technology is important for commercial sewer replacement below:

Pipe Bursting Trenchless Repair

Pipe bursting may be employed for when your existing pipes are severely damaged. It’s the process of putting new pipes in place via a machine insertion into the old, damaged pipe, further fracturing it and sending the components into the soil area. First, the head “bursts” or bullets through the existing sewer line, then it drags the new line into place. This newer method fixes problem pipes that are old, undersized or worn out; it may also be utilized for sewer, gas and water lines.

Pipe Bursting

The pipe bursting process results in the following:* Leaks are immediately stopped

  • Non-disruption of current landscape and the surrounding areas
  • Water supply will be clear for many long years
  • Removal of bacterium and unusual odors
  • Increase of pipe flow capacity
  • Added piping protection from tree roots
  • Advantages of the Pipe Bursting Method

Most businesses prefer trenchless sewer repair than traditional sewer line methods because of the following reasons:

Long-Term Benefits

The old, broken pipes are completely replaced with new ones, avoiding the less desirable method of inserting a pipe within a pipe. CIPP (cured in place) and slip lining methods reduce the inside diameter of the newer pipes, which could present potential problems in the future. The lifespan of the pipes using this method is shortened significantly as compared to pipe bursting technology. Investing in a pipe bursting along with high-quality materials to replace broken lines present desirable long-term benefits other methods do not provide. Water supply lines will serve its purpose well for approximately 50-100 years.

Highly Efficient Repair Process

Pipe bursting can definitely shorten the time it takes to get your pipes replaced, and at a much lower cost too. It provides a speedy turnaround time- the whole process shouldn’t take more than a day. Less time spent repairing means less possible disruption of your business in terms of commercial operation. The existing landscapes, trees and commercial decorations are saved, and the establishment can resume business more quickly than traditional sewer repair methods.

Environment Friendly

Did you know that trenchless sewer repair is an environmentally-friendly process? It becomes apparent when placed in a side-by-side comparison with other sewer line repair methods. The technology doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals or contaminants, and the pipe itself is made from HDPE, which is environmentally safe. HDPE pipes are also known to last longer than regular piping materials, which presents some long-term benefits in regards to preventing future disturbances from happening (additional pipe repairs and projects).

Though pipe bursting is fast becoming the preferred trenchless repair method due to the numerous benefits it can give, not all contractors specialize on this remarkable pipe repair technology. Call us if you wish to partner up with a plumbing contractor who can get the job done at the right price to suit your business allocations.

We will be more than happy to help and discuss your trenchless sewer repair needs, to ultimately present you with the best possible options on how the process can be completed. Our company combines efficient pipe bursting methods with knowledgeable and experienced technicians to ensure reliable, quick and outstanding pipe-bursting and trenchless piping services that deliver total customer satisfaction!

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