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Pipe Fusion Equipment

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At TRIC Tools Inc., we provide three options of Butt Fusion equipment, which is used for joining the ends of two lateral pipes in a manner that excites and fuses the molecules of each end together.

The equipment consists of a joining assembly, a facer, and a heater. The joining assembly allows the operator to clamp one end of each of the two pipes in a manner that lines up both rough-cut pipe ends. The facer is a two-sided blade component that is placed between the two rough-cut pipe ends after the ends have been aligned on each cardinal direction and then clamped steady by the joining assembly. The pipe ends are levered towards each other until each touches a side of the facer. The facer is then employed to shave down both pipe ends at the same time to even, flat edges.

Once the facer is removed from the center of the joining assembly, the two pipe ends, when levered together, now have a smooth flat touching surface. The two smooth pipe ends are then levered apart again and the two-sided heater is placed in the middle of the assembly. The pipe ends are once again levered toward the center of the assembly. This time, each end meets smoothly with a side of the heater. The pipe ends are held in place for the recommended time related to the thickness of the pipe and weather conditions, generally one to a few minutes. The heater is removed and the two pipe ends levered to touch and bond molecularly to each other. This setting time also depends on the pipe and weather.

John Rafferty, Stanford graduate and Director of TRIC Tools Inc. Marketing and Technical Support lends his 16 years of experience at TRIC Tools to creating an informative footage regarding the Butt Fusion process and equipment, and we are proud to offer this equipment. We supply three Butt Fusion systems, the Connectra 14M Butt Fusion System, the PitBull 26 Fusion Machine, and the Connectra 28CQ Butt Fusion Machine.

The Connectra 14M can fuse ¾” CTS through 4” DIPS (25mm through 110mm) polyethylene pipe as well as fittings, valves, tees, and elbows. The design includes quick use snap in liners for a firm grip on the smaller sized pipes.

The PitBull 26 can fuse 2” IPS through 6” DPS (63mm through 160mm) polyethylene pipe as well as tees, elbows, and other fittings.

The Connectra 28CQ can fuse 2” IPS through 8” DPS (63mm through 225mm) polyethylene. This system is built for tight spaces. It is ported for DataConnect.

Along with being a supplier of these three systems, our team at TRIC Tools Inc. encourages your purchase decision with consultations to help determine your needs, because we want to help you choose the right system for your business. Once your choice is made we can help you with financing, and post purchase, we are available for technical support. You can schedule a day for one-on-one training on the operation and maintenance of your equipment. We aim to help you be as productive and efficient as possible with your new hardware. For more information, call our staff at TRIC Tools Inc. or just click here to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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