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How Our Pipe Lining Equipment is Advanced and Practical

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Whether you’re a new business or a well-established one, utilizing trenchless technology is a no-brainer. It cuts job times, requires fewer people on average to implement, does less damage, and keeps your customer happy. Trust TRIC Tools for your business, and repair or build your next plumbing system with the confidence of professional tools that work just as hard as you do!

Cutting-edge methods and materials

Pipe-bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement and installation method that uses the latest technology and most cutting-edge tools. Over time, your business will be able to reduce its costs, engage a larger volume of jobs more frequently, and save your engineers and employees a lot of headaches. Two holes are dug between the area where the pipe section will be laid. As a bursting head travels along the existing pipe and shatters it, an attached pulling unit follows and lays the new pipe. To add to its appeal, trenchless and pipe-bursting methods can install pipe in a straight or curved line, and at right angles. Additionally, HDPE pipe, utilized for most trenchless jobs, is certified for use in both hot and cold potable water applications, allowing most replacement projects to use TRIC tools and techniques.

The trenchless method saves time

With trenchless pipe-bursting, a job that previously might have taken days or weeks (or even longer) is dramatically shortened. Traditionally, this involved digging a trench, removing sections of pipe, re-installing the plumbing system, and repairing the damage from digging. With no trench to be dug, and removal and installation occurring in a smooth, simultaneous process, work is handled more quickly – leaving you to take on more!

Disturbs your lifeless – literally!

Traditional methods of pipe repair or installation involved digging a long trench, and possibly disturbing electrical and gas lines. Much waste is produced which requires proper disposal (including the older pipe sections), and both filling in the trench and replacing landscaping, tile work, concrete, or tarmac is expensive and messy. Pipe bursting requires only two holes to be dug and reduces the amount of mess, replacement costs, and other factors that can make pipe-laying so disruptive.

If you have questions or would like to speak to a TRIC representative about pricing or find a distributor near you, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re proud of our range of trenchless pipe-bursting tools, and are confident your only regret will be not adding TRIC to your toolbox sooner!

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