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Reasons to Use Trenchless Pipe Bursting

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Pipe Bursting Laying water, gas or sewer pipes can be a hectic undertaking. The traditional method entails digging trenches, laying the pipes and refilling the trenches. However, the process can be made easier and simpler by using trenchless pipe bursting. Trenchless pipe bursting is a modern technique through which plumbers install, and repair pipes without digging trenches.

Trenchless pipe installation involves the use of special equipment to drill a tunnel through which the pipes pass. The process can be used to install the new piping system or repair existing ones. Pipes installed through this system can be used for gas, water or sewer systems. Here are five reasons to use trenchless pipe bursting over the traditional methods.

1. Less site damageWithout the need to dig trenches, there is little damage to the site. Toxic chemicals normally used during trench excavation are also excluded making the process more environmentally friendly. The area around the site is exposed to less damage by the chemicals alongside increasing the safety of workers undertaking the task. Clean-up procedures are also minimal after the installation of the pipes.Whether done within the home compound or along the road, the process does not cause any damage on the site where it is undertaken. Trenchless pipe installation is the best option to use for installations across tarmac roads, fences, and pavements among others.

2. Reduced labor

Unlike installations that require digging trenches, trenchless pipes do not require personnel to excavate trenches. It also means there will be no need to cover the pipes once laid in the trenches. In its place, the only personnel required in the process include machines operators and the supervisors among others.

Dirt and debris from the excavated trenches normally require contracting to have it carted away. Trenchless installation does not require carting away of soil or the constraints to identify a location to dump the excess debris.

3. Effective costWith reduced labor, the cost of installing trenchless pipes is reduced significantly. The equipment required in the process varies greatly when compared to conventional method of digging trenches. Common equipment used in installation includes a pulling machine, expander head, retaining device and a hydraulic power pack.

Local authorities normally impose charges for damages caused during installation. Undertaking trenchless pipe installation or repair poses no risk of damages hence avoidance of costs of damages.

4. Increased safety

During excavation process, workers are exposed to molds and asbestos with the risk of long-term health effects. Using trenchless method does not expose workers to this risk making it much safer. Uncovered trenches also pose a risk to animals, children and people where they can fall and sustain injuries.

With the growing concern of environmental safety, this is the most convenient method considered friendly. No dirt or debris is left on the site leaving it as clean as it was before the installation.

Handling and laying of the pipes when undertaken using traditional methods increase the risk of breakages. However, in using the trenchless system, chances of breakages are reduced as well as the cost of replacements.

A process undertaken by trained machine operators, the process is undertaken in a professional manner. Safety procedures are observed to the letter enhancing safety of the system, workers and others who might be on the site.

5. Faster installation

Since there is no need to dig trenches and fill them after laying pipes, little time is required to install the piping system. The time required to lay the pipes when compared to other methods is significantly reduced, and this makes the process to be undertaken within a shorter time. Bu reducing the time taken to dig, more time is available to concentrate on installation or repairs to the system hence an opportunity to produce high-quality work.

Using trenchless pipe installation method provides with the best alternative to ensure fast connection to water and sewerage systems for homes, institutions, and industrial buildings.


Technological advancements provide with easier and convenient methods to handle tasks. The benefits that come with trenchless pipe installation always supersede the traditional methods. Trenchless pipe bursting is the new and convenient method to install and repair water and sewerage pipes. This environmentally friendly process also reduces time and cost of installing pipes. A process is effective for both domestic and industrial applications.

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