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When to Rent or Buy TRIC Plumbing Equipment

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Without any doubt, TRIC plumbing equipment is a new era in tric tools. So, what do the letters TRIC stand for? They are used to mention trenchless plumbing equipment specially invented for the pipe bursting process that gave birth to the today trenchless home sewer replacement industry.

Where should I rent or buy TRIC plumbing equipment?

Today, autonomous sewer systems are in great demand mostly in the country houses, including cottages, roadside hotels and petrol stations – commonly, in the places where there is no connectivity to the centralized sewerage networks. Local treatment facilities are increasingly replacing outbuildings restrooms, closets, powders and backlash-closets to make the life truly comfortable.

What are the leading parameters affecting the cost of trenchless installation?

The main features of reliable equipment for plumbing are:

*Nature of the soil * Diameter of the tube (for HDD is usually not more than 600mm; for auger drilling up to 3000mm) * Distance of transmission (particularly sensitive for auger drilling) * Production tubing material (PVC, steel, asbestos cement, cast iron)

How to buy or rent TRIC plumbing equipment?

We should also pay attention to the pricing policy of TRIC plumbing equipment. We recommend you not to save on the plumbing equipment, because the repair can be even more expensive. When you purchase necessary goods, you must pay attention to the absence of defects. Ask the seller about the certificate and the permission to sell well-known brands. These papers also confirm the originality of the plumbing.

Note that Italian and French products, though expensive, are of high quality. Reliable TRIC plumbing equipment is also produced in Germany and the USA.

What are special working characteristics for TRIC plumbing equipment?

The dimensions of the pipeline and the price for trenchless piping equipment

The diameter and the length of pipes have a significant impact on the cost of trenchless pipe-laying. Keep in mind the opportunity of HDD or HBS installation. HDD method usually includes one or several tubes at once, but its diameter shall not exceed 600 mm. HDD technology can lay pipes at a sufficiently long distance.

If you want to build a pipe diameter of 600 mm, it is usually resorted to use trenchless method or a puncture. However, drill pipe length strongly affects the cost. The fact is that when pressure increases alongside the entire system and requires a large number of screws. It is enough to imagine how many of them one will need in the case if the pipe length is 100 meters.

Where to buy or rent TRIC plumbing equipment?

You can easily order any necessary product from Amazon or eBay to guarantee full satisfaction. Besides, you can choose any specialized company that stands out with a variety of equipment: bursting heads, hydraulic pumps, accessories and pulling units.

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