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Three Ways Sewer Pipe Bursting Can Make Your Life Easier

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sewer pipe burstingAfter maintaining your yard and landscaping all year long, the last thing you want to do is tear it all up. Unfortunately, finding out that a pipe has cracked beneath your yard leaves you with few options.

Before you go out and start buying bags of mulch to replace your garden, consider trenchless pipe replacement as an alternative to standard repair techniques. Trenchless contractors are able to fix the sewers without needing to excavate large mounds of dirt. Instead, an alternative method called sewer pipe bursting in which a new pipe is pulled through the old pipe to break it as it is pulled out, offers the same results without the need to dig anything.

Even though trenchless sewer replacement has been on the market for residential homes for around 10 to 15 years, many are still unaware of this option and its benefits of making your life easier, so here are a few to mull over:

  1. No eye sores: With trenchless sewer pipe bursting, there is about 90% less damage done to the ground or any concrete structures. This means that your yard will be kept relatively in the same state. Otherwise, you may be cancelling family parties and hangouts to avoid showing off the new ditch you had installed in your yard.

  2. Costs are few and far between: While pipes used for sewers are usually quite durable on their own, there are a number of outside elements that can impact their longevity. Between cold weather expanding ice and tree routes finding their way through them, there’s no telling what might cause the next crack.Fortunately, trenchless methods such as sewer pipe bursting and lining, both said to be equally durable by professionals, often come with warranties lasting anywhere from 10 to 50 years. So if one just so happens to break, another replacement won’t empty your wallet.

  3. Quicker fix: Obviously a job such as pipe replacement won’t be finished in a half an hour, but pipe bursting at least avoids the time necessary to both dig a trench, as well as fill it back up. While previous methods would have taken days to finish the job and restore a yard back to what it was, now the only time consumer is the actual replacement.

You may not be able to save every inch of your yard, but you can at least dwindle it down to a few feet rather than a few yards. Isn’t paying for sewer replacement enough without having to sacrifice your lawn?

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