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Trenchless Sewer Equipment

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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In past centuries, the only way to replace pipes that were blocked or broken involved many hours of hard digging labor that devastated homes and property landscapes. Since then, cured-in-place pipe lining has emerged as a new form of sewer repair that is innovative and affordable, and at TRIC Tools, we are proud to offer this equipment. This method lessened the amount of time and mess and allowed a sleeve to be created within the original pipe. Alongside CIPP lining, we also offer pipe bursting equipment. This method also reduces the amount of physical labor and property damage by allowing a new pipe to be seamlessly installed in place of the old pipe after it is fractured apart.

Pipe Fusion

As the length of pipe needed to replace a run of pipeline can be much longer that the sections of pipe delivered to the jobsite, pipe sections will need to be linked together. To ensure that the pipe sections are connected in a manner that will prevent splitting at the seam while the pipe is being inserted at the jobsite, or wear out over time, Pipe Fusion equipment is used to actually fuse the molecules of the two connecting pipe ends into one homogenous material.

The equipment used to create the union of the two pipe ends is called Butt Fusion Equipment. TRIC Tools Inc. provides three options of Butt Fusion equipment. Butt Fusion equipment is used for joining the ends of two lateral pipes in a manner that excites and fuses the molecules of each end together.

The equipment consists of a joining assembly, a facer, and a heater. The joining assembly allows the operator to clamp one end of each of the two pipes in a manner that lines up both rough-cut pipe ends. The facer is a two-sided blade component that is placed between the two rough-cut pipe ends after the ends have been aligned on each cardinal direction and then clamped steady by the joining assembly. The pipe ends are levered towards each other until each touches a side of the facer. The facer is then employed to shave down both pipe ends at the same time to even, flat edges. Once the facer is removed from the center of the joining assembly, the two pipe ends, when levered together, now have a smooth flat touching surface. The two smooth pipe ends are then levered apart again and the two-sided heater is placed in the middle of the assembly. The pipe ends are once again levered toward the center of the assembly. This time, each end meets smoothly with a side of the heater. The pipe ends are held in place for the recommended time related to the thickness of the pipe and weather conditions, generally one to a few minutes. The heater is removed and the two pipe ends levered to touch and bond molecularly to each other. This setting time also depends on pipe and weather.

The equipment that is needed for replacing a pipeline through pipe bursting method consists of a hydraulic pump, a pulling machine, a cable, and a mole. The mole is a torpedo-shaped bursting head that attaches to the front of the incoming, new pipe.  There are multiple moles to choose from, some supporting a tight entryway, some with blades. The purpose of the mole is to burst and break up the original pipe, allowing the new pipe to take its place. The cable is used to pull the mole and the attached new pipe through the old pipeline until it reaches the pulling machine at the other end. Each pulling machine has different cable requirements. In addition, there are multiple moles to choose from, some supporting a tight entryway, some with blades. The purpose of the mole is to burst and break up the original pipe, allowing the new pipe to take its place.  The cable runs from the mole at the start of the new pipe to the pulling machine at the other end of the line. The pulling machine has rods that lift up and down, pulling the cable as they lift, sliding down the retrieved cable as they drop before reengaging to pull another length of the cable, and hence the pipe, through the old pipe’s location. The rods gain the pressure to rise and drop from the hydraulic pump.

TRIC Tools Inc. has developed a line of equipment readily available for our customers. For more information about the trenchless sewer equipment we offer, call our team today!

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