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Sewer Pipe Repair in St. Louis MO

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About Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in St. Louis MO

Trenchless sewer pipe repair in St. Louis, MO is a relatively new method of replacing an existing sewer pipeline. The process behind trenchless pipe replacement, or pipe bursting, involves destroying the old pipeline while it is still underground, and simultaneously laying the new pipe inside of its Trenchless Pipe Repair St. Louis MOshattered fragments. This procedure is much more convenient and typically more cost effective than the traditional method, which involves digging a trench—often by hand—in order to access and then repair or replace the old sewer line.

What is trenchless sewer pipe repair in St. Louis, MO?

Our process, known as pipe bursting, is really as simple as it sounds. It is the breaking of an existing underground sewer line into bits and pieces with specialized equipment. This equipment usually consists of a cone-shaped metal piece called a bursting head, a pulling machine, and either a cable or pulling rods, which connect to the bursting head and pull it through the existing pipe. Instead of the old trench, this system gets the work done through two access points, which are also known as the “launching” and the “receiving” pits.

How does it work?

The conical bursting head is pulled through the existing line, and fractures the pipe from the inside. This forces the shattered fragments outwards into the surrounding ground, allowing room for the new pipe to be either pushed or pulled into place inside the broken remains of the old pipeline. The front end of the bursting head is connected to the cable or the pulling rod at the receiving pit, and the rear end is connected to the new pipeline, coming in through the launching or insertion pit. The bursting head goes through the old pipe, destroying it as it moves through, and then positions the new pipe behind it among the fragments of the old line.

What makes trenchless a better option than digging a trench?

Choosing trenchless sewer pipe repair in St. Louis, MO is often the best option for a variety of reasons. To begin with, this method saves existing lines, driveways, landscaping, and even expensive concrete, flooring, or pathways from the disruption that digging an open trench would pose. If the sewer pipe is in the street, going trenchless would prevent having to tear up large amounts of the road, and having to control or redirect traffic. Pipe bursting is usually the most economical option as well, as it saves on the costs of labor, equipment, and replacement of damaged landscaping or structures.

The new pipe that is commonly installed during pipe bursting is made of corrosion-resistant high-density polyethylene, or HDPE plastic. 20-foot long sections of HDPE are welded together in a process called “butt-fusion.” The result is a seamless, homogenous, and flexible pipeline that follows any existing physical bends in the original sewer. Fused pipe also prevents any intrusion by roots, and the inside surface is smooth to allow a steady, free-flowing drainage system. HDPE pipes are made to last up to 100 years.

When should trenchless be chosen as the best option?

No single repair method fits all situations. Sometimes you just have to dig. Sometimes CIPP (“cured-in-place”) lining is the most logical solution, for a spot-repair or an entire pipeline. However, pipe bursting should always be on the table, especially for home sewers or residential laterals. Pipe bursting is the most permanent of trenchless solutions for the homeowner. Pipe bursting also maintains the size and capacity of the old line, and even allows for increasing the diameter of the old sewer.

In general, trenchless is most desirable when the existing pipeline is deep or long, or when it passes under valuable landscaping or other property improvements. Trenchless technology should also be on top of the list for sewer repair jobs that extend into the public right-of-way, since street jobs in particular increase cost and liability exponentially.

What are the benefits to choosing trenchless technology?

Trenchless is all about replacement of old and damaged service lines with minimal or no excavation. No-dig solutions spare roads, sidewalks, landscaping, adjacent utilities, and structures in the path of the pipeline being replaced. Going with trenchless technology also avoids having a large construction site set up for days or weeks at a time. Trenchless sewer pipe repair in St. Louis, MO is dedicated to saving time and money for both the residential and the commercial customer.

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