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What are the Most Common Pipeline Problems that can be Fixed with Pipe Bursting Equipment?

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Plumbing problems are among the most dreaded aspects of property ownership and for good reason– they are time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, trenchless pipe repair has taken the market by storm in recent years, making pipe repair easier, faster, and cleaner than ever. Pipe bursting is used to remediate a wide range of plumbing issues and TRIC Tools is a proud supplier of the equipment needed to complete it to plumbers and technicians the world over.

How Does Pipe Bursting Equipment Work?

Although not the only type of trenchless repair, pipe bursting is one of the most common methods. It involves blasting through underground pipelines and pulling brand new pipes into place, all with the help of specialized technology and heavy equipment.

Pipe bursting equipment, including a hydraulic machine, pulling machine, and rods, can be used to remediate broken pipes, cracked pipes, and corrosion. By using heavy equipment to blast through inferior pipes, space is cleared for a brand new, more effective pipeline. When you obliterate the existing issues, you start fresh. Leaking, flooding, and clogging are a thing of the past, as you enjoy a new set of pipes.

This convenient method of pipe repair is ideal for property owners who appreciate variety when choosing new piping materials for their home because it offers them the option to choose their new pipes, unlike pipe lining. It also cuts out costly labor associated with the digging employed by traditional methods and leaves the surrounding environment intact.

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Instead of paying to repair trenches in the landscape around your home or business, you receive an entirely new pipeline without the expensive damage. In this way, pipe bursting provides an effective fix for the pipeline problems that caused the disrepair, while also providing an alternative to the issues that accompany traditional repair methods. When it’s time to repair the pipelines at your property, pipe bursting is just the fix you’re looking for.

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