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5 Ways TRIC Tools Can Help Your Pipe Business Thrive

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To perform trenchless pipe repairs in an efficient way, your team must be equipped with the proper tools. Partnering with a pioneer in pipe bursting technology means your clients are served with industry leading solutions and your team stays safe on the job. TRIC Tools has the power to improve your piping business in five distinct ways.

Advanced Technology

At TRIC Tools, we help you raise the standards of your business when you use the patented technology available with our pipe bursting repair and replacement process. The hydraulic pumps, pulling systems, and bursting heads offered by TRIC Tools allow you to complete a job with minimal disruption to the client’s yard or driveway.

Save Time

With the efficiency of the tools offered by TRIC Tools, you’ll spend a couple hours on a job as opposed to a couple of days. When a job is completed faster, your clients are pleased and your pipe business is more profitable as you get to move to the next job in an reasonable amount of time.

Employee Safety

Traditional pipe repairs call for multiple pieces of heavy machinery and intense manual labor that puts your technicians at risk for injury. TRIC Tools provides automated processes that help your team avoid excessive manual labor and pinpoints the work area with precision, leaving less room for error.


Take on small residential projects or large-scale work for municipalities with the wide menu of equipment options from TRIC Tools. Whether you’re working with 2” pipes or 8” sewer lines, our equipment allows you to complete all jobs with the same quality results.

Minimize Operational Costs

TRIC Tools equipment is built to last, so you know when you invest in our products, there will be no need for repairs and upgrades the following year. When you spend less time refurbishing equipment and more time on the job, your profit margins increase and you’re confident in taking on new jobs.

As an industry leader in pipe bursting technology, TRIC Tools understands the workload you place on your equipment. The tools you use must be dependable and deliver quality results which can help you achieve your business goals by investing in TRIC Tools products.

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